February AARP Special Offer

AARP, or American Association of Retired Persons, is offering up to 30% off membership, free spouse membership AND a free gift! If you take advantage of this February offer before March 4th, 2019, you will receive the 30% discount and spouse membership plus a free, versatile, every-day tote.



This is a limited time offer. To ensure that you get your free gift, you must return the form and payment by March 4th, 2019. You can mail a check to AARP Membership Center, PO Box 93109, Long Beach, CA 90809 if you don't have one of their return envelopes.

We have seen a lot of AARP offers but this one is pretty darn good. If you register for membership at $12 for one (1) year, you get access to valuable benefits and services that you won't find anywhere else. You end up saving up to 30% and if you use even one of the AARP benefits you might pay back the entire membership cost.

With this offer, you will also receive AARP The Magazine that provides excellent information about work, money, health, family and more. You get discounts that can save you and your family money on groceries, dining, travel and shopping. You help strengthen Social Security and protect Medicare, pensions and retirement benefits for all, and you also get access to Medicare Supplemental health insurance. This includes dental, eye care and prescription discounts.



Again, fill out the form and send a check to

AARP Membership Center

PO Box 93109

Long Beach, CA 90809

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