There are many Life Alert alternatives that you can choose from today. Since the 1980's, a number of companies have created new systems that have built upon the original technology made famous by Life Alert. From well-known global brands like Philips to technology upstarts like MobileHelp, there are systems that will fit your lifestyle.

Philips manufacturers their own equipment and provides a few different options to both consumers AND health care providers. Over the years, they seem to have put more focus on the health care side but they still have their Lifeline product that is available for purchase by consumers. MobileHelp was the first company to allow users to be "mobile". Their systems, backed by GPS, allowed users to venture out of the home and maintain their protection by incorporating cellular technology that allows monitoring services to pinpoint location in case of emergency. Of these 2 manufacturers, MobileHelp appears to be the only one who provides their products to other brands like Medical Guardian, ADT and others to sell to their customers. Most of the other brands appear to sell the same products with their labels being the only difference. Looking at offerings by Bay Alarm Medical and Lifefone, you can see that the product is the same but the label is different.

These Life Alert alternatives come in many price points, styles and contracts. While the equipment being sold by most brands in the space is the same, the customer service and prices can be different. We break down these choices further in our medical alert system review page.