Medicare Does Not Cover Adult Dental Care

Top 10 reasons why dental insurance is so important for people over 55 years old:

1. Medicare dosn't cover adult dental care.

2. Many of the services older adults need is covered by private insurance.

3. Financial stress from dental work is lessened.

4. Plans with no deductible can be purchased.

5. There are no annual or lifetime maximums on cash benefits you can receive.

6. You can't be cancelled for putting in too many claims.

7. You can go to your preferred dentist.

8. You are accepted as long as you are older than 18 years old.

9. This is affordable insurance.

10. Can cover over 300 dental procedures.


If you are 55 or older, there is a dental insurance that is ideal for you and your acceptance is guaranteed regardless of your dental health. This is a serious issue for many people who are older adults and are not covered by dental insurance. Not having dental insurance causes people to put off dental work that can lead to more expensive and more serious dental problems in the long-run.

Luckily, there are affordable dental insurance plans available that can cost less than a dollar a day for an individual and offers many advantages to people 55 and over.

  • Use any dentist you like.
  • No insurance deductible to meet before they pay benefits.
  • Rate will never go up because you put in too many claims.
  • Covers over 300 procedures.

The statement of benefits that is provided with the policy contains the full details of these and many other features of the insurance. It will also lay out any limitations.

This particular plan is offered through Physicians Mutual and can be secured by visiting or calling 1-800-689-7666. From what we have seen, this plan seems to be a great deal for anyone looking for dental coverage.



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