SiriusXM is a Great Way to Get the Music and News You Want

Seniors can now instantly get access to the best entertainment from SiriusXM. Rates are as low as $5.99/mo., if you can find a good code online. Many of the codes you can find online look like this one or you can call 1-877-486-3830 to ask about the promotional rate.

Why do we love SiriusXM? One, because it has more content than any streaming service. You can listen to pop hits from the 50s on Channel 5 PopHits, Elvis songs on Channel 19 Elvis 24/7 Live from Graceland or Motown music on Channel 49 Classic Soul/Motown. In addition to music there are sports channels like ESPN Channel 80, SEC Radio on Channel 374 and NFL, NBA, College Football and more on the live sports play-by-play stations. You can also get your news from CNBC Channel 112, CNN Channel 116, Fox Business Channel 113 and dozens more. Entertainment, politics, religion, comedy and more are also available as part of this amazing subscription.

Overall your $5.99/mo. subscription will include the following:

Commercial-free music channels, sports talk and play-by-play, exclusive content you won't hear anywhere else including concerts, interviews and more. You also get news from around the world, politics from every angle, comedy, entertainment and talk radio. In addition there are add-on subscriptions that you can purchase like Howard Stern and other adult related content.

All of this is available through your car, on your phone or anywhere else you can get the SiriusXM app. If you are a senior who is wanting to explore digital or streaming services, SiriusXM is perfect for you.


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