Stylish New Hearing Aids for Seniors

The people at HearUSA have introduced one of the most stylish, aesthetically pleasing hearing devices we have ever seen. The Styletto is an innovative idea driven by revolutionary design. The folks at Signia have taken the conventional round hearing aid battery and have molded it into an amazing pin shape which allows for this amazing new design. In addition to allowing for new, stylish designs, the battery is rechargeable! This new Styletto combines premium technology with the most stylish design in hearing aids that is unlike any other you've experienced.



The Styletto is not just another hearing aid. A virtually invisible & 50% lighter hearing aid than what you would normally expect. It's the first slim-RIC of its kind with the high-tech hearing power of Signia-Nx.

In addition to having an amazing design and rechargeable battery, you can wear it for the whole day before needing a charge. They include a slim, portable charging case that also doubles as a power bank for up to 4 days free of cables or plugs.

The technology doesn't stop with the device itself, Novel wireless technology allows you to connect the Styletto to a smarphone app with an easy-to-use remove control for many situations.

You can get your Styletto at your local HearUSA center or online at various retailers.

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